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Bernie Sanders takes aim at ‘greedy’ Koch brothers

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is making the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch the face of a “corrupted” political and economic system that the Vermont senator wants to upend. Sanders delighted a South Carolina rally of more than 3,000 people Saturday with his assertions that the Kochs and other…


Corporate, Koch Money Dominates Early 2016 Senate Race Spending

WASHINGTON — The race for control of the Senate is already underway — and it is being fueled by outside groups that do not disclose their donors.  In nine key Senate races, outside groups have already spent at least $12.5 million on advertising and grassroots communications targeting both already announced and potential candidates. Nonprofit groups…


Media Experts Blast New York Times Over Glowing Profile Of Koch Brothers

The New York Times published a fawning front-page profile of the Koch brothers last Friday. The article never mentions their efforts to secure unfettered fossil fuel consumption, which would destroy humanity’s livable climate. It was quickly criticized by leading experts as “poor journalism” and “gullible.” The Times wants you to believe that the Kochs are…

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