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Technorati: Liberty Central: Repo’d by the Koch Brothers?

Virginia Thomas is sidelined by new management with Koch brothers ties.

November 18, 2010- Even before the Anita Hill phone message, it had become increasingly clear that Ginni Thomas was a “loose cannon.” Who knew what might spill out next? So in short order earlier this week, Ginni Thomas was pushed aside and a new Liberty Central leader, an attorney named Sarah Field, said she’s the new spokesperson. If my attempts to find or contact her are any indication, Fields appears to be a very good secret keeper.

The Guardian: Americans For Prosperity sponsors Tea Party workshop

Rightwing campaign funded by Koch brothers has funded seminar on how to exploit social media to attack politicians

October 13, 2010- Americans for Prosperity, the rightwing campaign funded in part by the energy billionaires the Koch brothers, is working with the Tea Party movement to increase its impact through the use of new media and social networking.

Washington Monthly: Koch Brothers Plan Ahead

October 20, 2010- I realize there are plenty of liberal Americans who genuinely fear a right-wing conspiracy, featuring right-wing zillionaires who meet in private resorts to plot, scheme, and shape agendas to undermine the public and boost their own profits.

But what's that old joke? You're not paranoid if they really are out to get you?

Minyanville: Billionaires Behaving Badly: The Koch Brothers

The pair guards their right to pollute with anonymous donations to climate change deniers, anti-regulation lobby groups and "grass roots" Tea Party meetings.

October 21, 2010- For decades, the Brothers Koch led exemplary lives as billionaire captains of industry, garnering little attention outside of the oil business except for their many generous philanthropic activities. A state of the art cancer research institute here, a museum wing there, funding for a high-minded PBS documentary series, a 100 million dollar pledge to a venerable theatrical institution– they were the very model of benign capitalism as it is preached.

The Nation: TSAstroturf: The Washington Lobbyists and Koch-Funded Libertarians Behind the TSA Scandal

November 23, 2010- Does anyone else sense something strange is going on with the apparently spontaneous revolt against the TSA? This past week, the media turned an "ordinary guy," 31-year-old Californian John Tyner, who blogs under the pseudonym "Johnny Edge," into a national hero after he posted a cell phone video of himself defending his liberty against the evil government oppressors in charge of airport security.

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