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Reuters: Protesters decry conservative desert retreat

About 1,000 chanting protesters rallied on Sunday outside a California resort where conservative lawmakers and business executives met for a political strategy session hosted by billionaires Charles and David Koch.

January 30, 2011- About two dozen police officers in riot gear lined up in front of the Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa in the upscale desert town of Rancho Mirage to keep the protesters away from the gated entrance.

At one point, a group of demonstrators blocked the street in front of the resort for nearly an hour before Riverside County sheriff's deputies moved in and handcuffed about 25 activists who were led away and cited for trespassing.

Crooks & Liars: Riot Police Guard Against Anti-Billionaire Protesters in Rancho Mirage. John Amato is on the scene

January 30, 2011- This is live video sent back from the Quarantine the Kochs rally in Rancho Mirage about an hour and a half ago. John Amato is on the scene and has called me a couple of times with updates. There are about 1500 people or so there, peacefully protesting the convocation of billionaires at the Rancho Las Palmas resort. The purpose of the meeting is to figure out how to impeach Obama and take over our government in order to preserve their wealth, justice, and liberty at the expense of ours. Glenn Beck was the keynote speaker last night, and Eric Cantor was also on the guest list. (Full list here (PDF))

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