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Broward Palm Beach New Times: Rick Scott Signs Bill Banning Paid Sick Leave

-By Chris Joseph

June 17, 2013- Rick Scott, in an apparent mission to blow up every possible bridge linking him to re-election in 2014, signed a bill on Friday banning paid sick leave for Floridians, because, as much as they love to talk up how they hate Big Government and Bengazziiii and TAXES BAD, the GOPers simply love this ever living shit out of their money, and the only path to more of it is by screwing poor people.

Ha. Ha. Sorry poor people! You're just not allowed to get sick. Now sack up and get back to work!

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The bill, which was backed by poor loving corporations such as Disney World, and the people that own Olive Garden and Red Lobster, blocks local governments from implementing paid sick leave legislation.

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