Huffington Post: Koch Brothers Postpone Post-Election Meeting

-By Paige Lavender

December 11, 2012- The Koch brothers are postponing their semi-annual meeting with donors, Republican politicians and conservative activists, National Review reports.

The meeting, originally scheduled to take place in January, will now be held in April. Charles Koch announced the postponement in an email obtained by National Review, where he also addressed the "disappointing" results of the 2012 election.

"Despite November’s disappointing election results, I am convinced that America’s long-term decline is far from a foregone conclusion," Koch wrote. "Our goal of advancing a free and prosperous America is even more difficult than we envisioned, but it is essential that we continue, rather than abandon, this struggle."

Koch said the meeting was delayed while key data on the state elections — needed to "re-examine our vision and the strategies and capabilities required for success" — is being collected.


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