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RAW Story: Fox News celebrates Michigan union busting as ‘Victory for Capitalism!’

-By David Edwards

December 7, 2012- The Fox News morning show Fox & Friends on Friday declared that a law in Michigan that weakens unions was a “Victory for Capitalism!”

On Thursday, the Republican-controlled state legislature in Michigan had quickly pushed through a new measure that would make the birthplace of the country’s labor movement a right-to-work state, crippling unions by prohibiting requirements that employees join or pay dues.

“Yesterday, the legislature of both of houses passed a law making Michigan the 24th right to work state, bans mandatory union dues,” Fox News co-host Steve Doocy reported while a graphic on the screen read, “Victory for Capitalism!”

“If you work for the UAW, you work for Chrysler, Ford, places like that — there are a lot of people who are upset,” Doocy noted.

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