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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker’s brat summit gets bipartisan boycotts

-By Patrick Marley

June 11, 2012- Gov. Scott Walker's call for a bipartisan "brat summit" is being met with its first boycotts.

State Rep. Steve Nass, one of Walker's fellow Republicans from Whitewater, said he would not show up at Tuesday's event at the governor's mansion because he didn't like recent comments from two prominent Democrats.

“Despite the voters of Wisconsin clearly signaling support for balancing the state budget without tax increases and controlling government expenditures, Democratic leaders continue their offensive comments and threats of legislative chaos," Nass said in a statement Monday. "We encourage our children to stand up to bullies. That’s exactly what must happen in the Legislature."

Walker called for lawmakers from both parties to get together at his house after he won last week's recall election. It was meant to foster better relationships after a year and a half of deep divisions in the state.

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