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Badger Herald: Dane County judge rules against NAACP effort to halt voter ID

-By Ben Vincent

February 12, 2012- A Dane County judge has ruled against two civil rights groups in their effort to halt the controversial voter ID law, set to go into effect before the spring primary election on Feb. 21, but did not discount a future injunction.

Circuit Judge David Flanagan temporarily denied the Milwaukee chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Voces de la Frontera the injunction because they did not adequately demonstrate irreparable harm, according to NAACP attorney Richard Saks.

Together, the NAACP and Voces submitted 40 affidavits intended to show the inconvenience caused by applying for photo identification and financial costs, such as obtaining the legal documents necessary to obtain a voter ID, according to the original complaint.

Saks said Flanagan will allow the two groups to state their case at a hearing Monday but declined to comment on the likelihood of an injunction being issued and will hold a scheduling conference today to set a date for the trial.

MN Governor Vetoes ALEC Template Bills

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton criticized Republicans for trying to quickly pass a set of bills lifted from a right-wing groups “boot camp manual”. Governor Dayton said the the four bills he vetoed Friday would have changed how corporations can be sued and were “just another ploy by the Republican majorities as they provide their special interest friends, the rich and the powerful, with more favoritism and favors at the expense of most other Minnesotans. ”

“These bills are laughably referred to as ‘jobs bills’, Governor Dayton told a press conference. ” Well calling a crow a swan doesn’t make it one. These bills impact on job impact in job creation in Minnesota would be negligible. The real impact would be to reduce the right of law abiding citizens and businesses to seek justice from the wrong doing of others. ”

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