Talking Points Memo: Koch-Backed Americans For Prosperity Puts $700,000 Into Wisconsin

-By Eric Kleefeld

February 8, 2012- Americans For Prosperity, the conservative political group backed by David and Charles Koch, is putting down some big money in the pending recall election against Gov. Scott Walker.

An ad that has run before is now being re-upped with a $700,000 buy, Greg Sargent reports. The ad does not directly use Walker’s name, due to legal reasons, but vociferously praises the policies that Walker put in place over the past year.

“Wisconsin put an end to abuses of collective bargaining — putting taxpayers back in control,” says a man identified in the ad as a small business executive.

As TPM has previously reported, spending in this big recall election could reach record amounts — as much as $100 million.

The election has not yet been officially triggered, as state election officials are still processing through the more than one-million signatures that Democrats submitted to recall Walker. But it is likely to take place some time this summer — which would put it right in the middle of a major national campaign season, increasing the stakes as the parties seek momentum for November.


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