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AlterNet: David Koch’s Non-Profit Flouts Law And Spends $700,000 Against Wisconsin Recall

The non-profit founded by the oil billionaire injects $700,000 to retain the embattled Wisconsin governor, possibly violating various laws on political activities.

-By Brendan Fischer

February 9, 2012- The Koch-founded Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit "charity" prohibited from intervening in political campaigns, is spending $700,000 on ads and holding events around Wisconsin that look like appeals to re-elect Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is facing a recall election. The campaigning seems to flaunt proposed state campaign finance rules that AFP helped block and comes as secretly-funded nonprofits are playing an increasingly important role in elections nationally.

Townhalls and "Issue" Ads

MacIver Institute: Recall Amendment Hearing

The Assembly Committee on Election and Campaign Reform held a hearing Thursday on Assembly Joint Resolution 63, a proposed Constitutional Amendment to reform Wisconsin's law governing recalls of elected officials. Some lawmakers on the Committee used it as an opportunity to make some rhetorical points. MNS provides footage from the hearing.

Talking Points Memo: Utah Newest Front In GOP Battle Against Unions

-By Nick R. Martin

February 9, 2012- Republicans in Utah have opened up the next front in a battle against public unions being waged in statehouses throughout the nation.

A bill introduced last week in the Utah legislature would ban government employees from collectively bargaining on any issue except for wages and health benefits. The proposal would bar unions from having a say in things like training, equipment and disciplinary procedures.

The bill echoes similar measures that Republicans have advanced in the past year in states like Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, which have all seen pitched fights over the role of unions.

Last year in Wisconsin, restrictions on collective bargaining led to massive protests at the Capitol and a Democratic effort to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Now in Utah, Democrats are gearing up for their own skirmish.

“People are going to fight it tooth and nail,” Democratic state Rep. Brian King told TPM on Wednesday. “It’s our little version of Scott Walker.”

Talking Points Memo: Koch-Backed Americans For Prosperity Puts $700,000 Into Wisconsin

-By Eric Kleefeld

February 8, 2012- Americans For Prosperity, the conservative political group backed by David and Charles Koch, is putting down some big money in the pending recall election against Gov. Scott Walker.

An ad that has run before is now being re-upped with a $700,000 buy, Greg Sargent reports. The ad does not directly use Walker’s name, due to legal reasons, but vociferously praises the policies that Walker put in place over the past year.

“Wisconsin put an end to abuses of collective bargaining — putting taxpayers back in control,” says a man identified in the ad as a small business executive.

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