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Cap Times: Crime and Courts: Criminal complaint reveals Walker email

-By Steven Elbow

January 26, 2012- An email from Scott Walker, sent from his campaign email account in May 2010, directs an aide now facing felony charges to avoid embarrassing news stories.

"We cannot afford another story like this one," reads the email, documented in a criminal complaint made public Thursday. "No one can give them any reason to do another story. That means no laptops, no websites, no time away during the workday, etc."

The criminal complaint that documents the email is against Kelly Rindfleisch, Walker's deputy chief of staff while he was Milwaukee County executive. It demonstrates that the story clearly concerned Walker about the activities of his employees.

"This email … with its reference to no more laptops during the workday, provides an apparent explanation for the drop in Rindfleisch's daytime fundraising activity in the few weeks following Darlene Wink's resignation," the criminal complaint against Rindfleisch states.

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