Daily Archives: December 24, 2011

Office Hours with Fitz & Lori


Senator Scott Fitzgerald who is facing a recall effort headed by Lori Compas, held Office Hours in Horicon Wisconsin on December 19, 2011. A brave woman, Lori asks him to apologize for untrue allegations made by him about the Recall Petitioners. She also asks him to condemn the threats and violent behavior by his supporters against the recall petitioners. He declined to do either.

Lori can be reached through RecallFitz.com

Think Progress: Justice Who Upheld Gov. Walker’s Anti-Union Law Received Over $10k Worth Of Free Services From Walker’s Law Firm

-By Ian Millhiser

December 20, 2011- Last week, news broke that conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman received tens of thousands of dollars worth of free legal services from a law firm defending him against charges that he ran a deceptive campaign ad in violation of state ethics law. Wisconsin judicial ethics laws prohibits judges from receiving gifts of any kind from someone who is likely to appear before them.

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