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Express Milwaukee: Walker’s Policies Are Killing Wisconsin’s Economy

Job losses and shrinking paychecks are to blame

-By Lisa Kaiser

December 21, 2012- If Wisconsin were on the same job-growth track as the rest of the country, the state would have added 33,800 jobs since April.

Instead, under Gov. Scott Walker's leadership, the state is shedding jobs month after month.

In November, Wisconsin lost 14,600 jobs while the rest of the country added 120,000. In the past five months, Wisconsin has lost 34,900 jobs.

Walker's track record is so bad that the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia found that Wisconsin is dead last in job creation among the 50 states.

The first-year effects of Walker's policies on public employees—as well as their ripple effects on the state's economy—have been analyzed in a new study from the Institute for Wisconsin's Future (IWF), which found:

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