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RAW Story: Oil industry attempts to co-opt ’99 Percent’ movement

-By Stephen C. Webster

November 14, 2011- A new radio ad campaign and website sponsored by the oil industry’s largest firms seeks to conflate union solidarity with the “Occupy” and “99 Percent” movements with the Keystone XL pipeline, which the White House delayed last week for approximately a year for greater study.

Called “Jobs for the 99,” the campaign has released two radio ads decrying “the Hollywood crowd” who’ve ostensibly taken over Washington, D.C., holding it hostage from creating jobs for oil industry workers. Both ads end with a credit that claims they were paid for by unions.

Montreal Gazette: Obama puts Keystone pipeline in limbo

Ruling to come after election; Delay of $7-billion project could further strain relations between U.S., Canada

-By Sheldon Alberts and Mark Kennedy

November 11, 2011-The Obama administration has thrown the controversial Keystone XL oilsands pipeline into limbo with a decision to delay a final ruling on the $7-billion project until after the 2012 presidential election.

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, the U.S. State Department said it was ordering a new review aimed at rerouting Keystone XL around sensitive ecosystems along its proposed path through Nebraska.

A final determination on whether to grant Calgarybased TransCanada Corp. a presidential permit to build the 2,700-kilometre line is now unlikely before "the first quarter of 2013," the department said.

President Barack Obama, in a statement Thursday afternoon, said he backed the move because of the need for more information about the potential impacts on people and natural resources along the pipeline route.

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