Addicting Info: Scott Walker Recall To Open Floodgates Of Koch Money

-By Justin "Filthy Liberal Scum" Rosario

October 27, 2011- In an interesting loophole in Wisconsin’s campaign finance laws, the $10,000 limit on contributions by indiviulas is suspended once ”a recall primary or election is ordered, or after that time if incurred in contesting or defending the order.”

Which means that Scott Walkers’ patrons, the Koch brothers, can pour in as much money as they see fit. Considering Walker is one of their favorite pets operatives whores colleagues, pushing through highly unpopular laws designed to break unions at the behest of his handlers, it seems unlikely they would risk his ousting.

In a similar fashion the several State Senate recalls saw a record expenditure of over $44 million to help the GOP (barely) maintain its majority. By comparison, the Governors’ seat is a far more valuable prize, especially when the puppet coconspirator dictator elected official is more than willing to bypass State law to force through the Right Wings’ agenda. There’s a reason this years’ most popular chant, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” started in Wisconsin.

Look for a massive amount of money to be spent on keeping Scott Walker on his throne. This will be a key indicator of how the 2012 elections go. If, despite the massive outrage against him and a liberal base more fired up then it has been in a generation, Scott Walker overcomes the recall, it will be the clearest sign yet that money can buy any election and a sign of dark times for our country.


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