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Salon: Koch brothers spooked by forthcoming story

Anonymous sources try to discredit Bloomberg article on Koch Industries before it's even published

-By Justin Elliott

September 29, 2011- Here’s a rule of thumb about public relations: When P.R. pros begin furiously spinning a story before it has even come out, there’s a pretty good chance the story is going to be damaging to the reputation of said P.R. pros’ bosses.

And that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now, as an anonymous person or persons in the orbit of the billionaire conservative donors Charles and David Koch try to discredit a forthcoming story in Bloomberg Markets magazine.

Politcus USA: Meet The 4 Democratic Senators Who Are Refusing To Raise Taxes On The Rich

-By Jason Easley

October 1, 2011- Meet the four Democratic Senators who are so worried about their own reelection campaigns that they are refusing to raise taxes on the wealthy.

Yesterday, I wrote an article based on Sen. Dick Durbin telling a local Chicago radio station that some Democrats in the Senate are refusing to raise taxes on the wealthy in an election year. At the time of publication, I didn’t have the names of the Democrats who won’t raise taxes on the rich, but I do now.

Lots of commenters wanted the names and contact information for the Un-Fantastic Four, so here they are.

1). Sen. Bob Casey –Email Twitter

2). Sen. Mary Landrieu- Email

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