Reinbach’s Observer: The John Birch Society’s Reality

-By Andrew Reinbach

May 30, 2011- Most Americans don’t realize that the right wing’s main ideas have been pushed for 50 years by the John Birch Society (JBS), a group Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley Jr. once thought too extreme, but which has since become the intellectual seed bank of the right.

Among other things, the JBS has been active in creating and training the Tea Party, and the sons of a JBS founder, David and Charles Koch, have been a major force within it (they say they’re not JBS members).

So if you really want to understand why so many Republicans are the way they are these days, an outline of JBS beliefs is a good place to start.

Luckily, there is one. Called The Truth in Time, it was published in 1966 by JBS.founder Robert W Welch Jr., it was and is JBS gospel.

Asked about it, a spokesman emailed that “Robert Welch’s “The Truth in Time: If You Want it Straight…” was written as an essay in 1966 to provide a step-by-step outline of significant Communist events and tactics during the previous 200 years to help explain to members what was taking place around them in 1966…..The information in “The Truth in Time” is as true today as it was in 1966….”

I’ve created an edited summary—all quotes from the piece–which you can find below. If you want, you can watch Welch lay out his ideas in this 110-minute video.

In the essay and the film, Welch says that a group founded in the 18th Century, variously called the Insiders or The Illuminati, has been plotting ever since to force a totalitarian government on the world.

How? Mainly, he says, through Communism–but also by infiltrating western politics, culture, and governments, including creating the Progressive movement. Among other things, he says, it’s been plotting to make people depend less on themselves and more on government for most things—snuffing out freedom in the process.

Among his more bemusing claims: ”Since early in 1945 the most powerful single force in promoting Communism everywhere, and in turning one nation after another over to Communist tyranny…has been the help of the United States Government to that end.”

Bet you didn’t know that.

Along with his explanation of how world history had brought us to the brink of a one-world dictatorship is this list, which appears at the end of the essay. Under the heading “Calling it Conspiracy”, it explains the premise of a lot of the right wing agenda, and philosophy, today. You’ve got nothing to lose by reading it.


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