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LA Progressive: How to Create More Jobs By Lowering Wages: Texas and America

-By Robert Reich

September 14, 2011- Perry and Romney can duke it out over who created the most jobs, but governors have as much influence over job growth in their states as roosters do over sunrises.

States don’t have their own monetary policies so they can’t lower interest rates to spur job growth. They can’t spur demand through fiscal policies because state budgets are small, and 49 out of 50 are barred by their constitutions from running deficits.

States can cut corporate taxes and regulations, and dole out corporate welfare, in efforts to improve the states’ “business climate.” But studies show these strategies have little or no effect on where companies locate. Location decisions are driven by much larger factors — where customers are, transportation links, and energy costs.

If governors try hard enough, though, they can create lots of lousy jobs. They can drive out unions, attract low-wage immigrants, and turn a blind eye to businesses that fail to protect worker health and safety.

Campaign for America’s Future: 10 Years Of Capital Gains Tax Cuts Proves: Rich Win, You Lose

-By Dave Johnson

September 12, 2011- Why are "capital gains" taxes so much lower than taxes on other income? The reason capital gains taxes are lower is because most of the income of the rich is from capital gains. And the reason most of the income of the rich is from capital gains is because capital gains taxes are lower.

Our System

"Capital gains" are the gains, or profits, made from the investment of capital — the big pools of money that a few of us have the great responsibility and burden of being stuck with. The theory is that the few among us who have bundles of money (capital) use that money to start businesses or buy stocks or property (or race horses) and thereby "create jobs." (For more on how businesses and the wealthy "create jobs," click here and then click here.)

Truthout: The Cult of Death

-by William Rivers Pitt 

Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

– Matthew 25:40 (King James)

September 13, 2011- Trying to figure out what this whole "Tea Party" phenomenon is all about is a lot like trying to peer into the bottom of a muddy pool. The "mainstream" news media has accepted them as a legitimate, powerful force in American politics, as evidenced by CNN's so-called "Tea Party Debate" for the Republican presidential candidates on Monday night. A group that did not exist three years ago suddenly has enough clout to rate a television banner and a chunk of prime-time coverage.

But who are these people, really?

ABC News: Governor Rick Scott ignores pleas and signs sweeping voter law, slashing early voting

Tighter voting rules expected to help G.O.P.

-By: Brendan McLaughlin

May 20, 2011- TAMPA – Governor Rick Scott signed a sweeping election reform law this week that will cut early voting days nearly in half and make other dramatic changes.

Supporters say the law will prevent fraud, but voter rights groups, including the non-partisan League of Women Voters, say it's a blatant attempt to suppress voting.

Under the new law that takes effect immediately, early voting will be reduced from 15 days to eight, but because counties have the option of keeping their early voting locations open longer, the number of early voting hours could remain the same at 96.

But it's the new restrictions on voter registration groups that has caused the most uproar.

“This is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. There is no voter fraud in Florida,” fumed Hillsborough League of Women Voters president Mickey Cantor.

Reinbach’s Observer: The John Birch Society’s Reality

-By Andrew Reinbach

May 30, 2011- Most Americans don’t realize that the right wing’s main ideas have been pushed for 50 years by the John Birch Society (JBS), a group Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley Jr. once thought too extreme, but which has since become the intellectual seed bank of the right.

Among other things, the JBS has been active in creating and training the Tea Party, and the sons of a JBS founder, David and Charles Koch, have been a major force within it (they say they’re not JBS members).

So if you really want to understand why so many Republicans are the way they are these days, an outline of JBS beliefs is a good place to start.

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