America Blog: Koch Bros will be big winners if Keystone sludge-oil pipeline is approved

-by Gaius Publius

September 4, 2011- Well, there's a surprise. Obama's worst enemy, and the climate's as well, the ever-famous Koch Brothers and Koch Industries, are positioned to be big winners if (when) the Keystone Tar Sands pipeline is approved.

Think about it this way — that pipeline isn't carrying toxic sludge through two provinces and 12 states to Texas. It's carrying money into the dirty pockets of two of the most power-mad, driven billionaires on the planet. (Did I mention that their daddy was a John Birch Society founder?)

Thanks to an alert reader, we find this via email. It's from February, and so far, way off the radar. Time to make this connection a feature of the Keystone story — call it the Keystone–Koch Bros Pipeline.

David Sassoon writing at Solve Climate News (my emphasis):

The Keystone XL pipeline, awaiting a thumbs up or down on a presidential permit, would increase the import of heavy oil from Canada's oil sands to the U.S. by as much as 510,000 barrels a day, if it gets built. … Opponents say it would magnify an environmental nightmare at great cost and provide only the illusion of national benefit.

What's been left out of the ferocious debate over the pipeline, however, is the prospect that if president Obama allows a permit for the Keystone XL to be granted, he would be handing a big victory and great financial opportunity to Charles and David Koch, his bitterest political enemies and among the most powerful opponents of his clean economy agenda.

There is so much in the article that it's hard to summarize. It's also very well researched, especially considering that Koch Industries is privately owned (by the brothers, natch).


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