AlterNet: The Kochs are scared, and they’ve bought the web domains to prove it

-by Robert Greenwald

August 23, 2011- Charles and David Koch, and their related businesses, have poured money into politicking across the country. In Wisconsin alone, they were Gov. Scott Walker’s largest out-of-state contributor, and they famously bought all kinds of advertisements and electioneering courtesy of their Tea Party group Americans for Prosperity.

They aren’t done. The folks on the ground fighting back in Wisconsin now discovered another dimension to the Kochs’ dirty tactics.

The brothers are buying up web domain names. The equivalent of or, the Kochs’ have bought:


That’s in addition to their page, which they’ve used to attack us and journalists who have written about us and the Kochs’ laundry list of dirty deeds and self-serving ideology. tried to distance itself from our latest video:

That the brothers would go ahead and buy domain names like this is a sign of their nervousness. Why are they playing defense, and do they really think that buying three URLs is going to stop someone from setting up or


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