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AlterNet: 6 Shady Right-Wing Groups Pouring Money Into Wisconsin Recall

As Wisconsin progressives fight to recall Scott Walker's allies in the state senate, here are some of the conservative groups funding their right-wing agenda.

-By Sarah Jaffe

August 8, 2011- Today will see the recall elections of six Wisconsin state senators who supported Republican Governor Scott Walker's budget cuts, and specifically his attacks on the right of workers to bargain collectively.

The state has become a focal point for national politics, pitting Democrats—14 of whom fled the state in order to stall a vote on the union-busting bill—against Republicans, who with Tea Party support have been enacting Shock Doctrine-style slash and burn policies instead of delivering the promised jobs to the state's workers.

Angry Constituents Converge on Rep Erik Paulsen’s Office

An angry, sometimes hostile crowd of about 75 of Congressman Erik Paulsen's constituents gathered at his Eden Prairie office to express serious concern over his support of drastic budget cuts proposed by the House Republicans.
The overflow crowd was a broad cross section of voters from his district representing a range of ages. There were some supporters, but most expressed extreme displeasure with the way Paulsen and the political parties are facing the crisis.

One constituent saw the meeting as a microcosm of what is happening in Washington.

Politicus USA: Ahead of WI Recall Elections Prosser Investigation Gets Special Prosecutor

-By Sarah Jones

August 3, 2011- Justice moves slowly but surely forward in Wisconsin as the DA refers the Prosser choking incident to a Special Prosecutor.

After reviewing the Dane County Sheriff’s investigation into the alleged choking of a female Supreme Court Justice by Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, the Dane County DA is requesting a special prosecutor to review the incident. Due to the expense of a special prosecutor, this move suggests that the Sheriff’s report indicates that there may be validity to the charge that Prosser put Justice Ann Walsh Bradley into a chokehold on July 13, 2011.

The Dane County District Attorney announced he has received the Dane County Sheriff’s investigation into the July 13, 2011, incident involving the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The DA issued a statement saying:

The Brad Blog: ‘National Director’ of Koch’s ‘Americans for Prosperity’ Created Mysterious WI ‘Gun Group,’ Coordinated on Misleading Absentee Ballot Mailings

Creator of 'United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, Inc.,' John Connors, is a long-time AFP affiliate, has history of deceptive campaigns…

-by Brad Freidman

August 8, 2011- On Saturday we posted an article detailing the similarities, and apparent coordination, in misleading "Absentee Ballot Application" mailers sent out to Democratic voters by both the David Koch-founded Americans for Prosperity – Wisconsin and a mysterious group calling themselves United Sportsmen of Wisconsin.

The Americans for Prosperity mailer, sent out in Wisconsin last week in advance of tomorrow's state Senate recall election of six Republican state Senators, included instructions that absentee ballots must be submitted by August 11th — even though the election in question is actually tomorrow, August 9th.

The Brad Blog: Exit Pollsters Shut Down Again in Waukesha

Other reports good, poll turnout said very high…

-By Brad Friedman

August 9, 2011- The polls in Wisconsin closed moments ago. So far, so good in the state's unprecedented recall elections today, at least according to the bulk of media reports throughout the day. Turnout was reportedly very high, nearing or even exceeding rates from the 2008 Presidential election in some areas. "It's astronomically high," according to Matt Rothschild, Editor of The Progressive in Madison, WI, with whom I was just on air with on Santa Fe Public Radio's KSFR to discuss today's recalls.

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