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Huffington Post: Lawsuit, Teacher Layoffs Follow Wisconsin Budget Signing

-By Joy Resmovits

June 30, 2011- Just days after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) signed the state's budget with massive cuts to education funding, Wisconsin's teachers are on the chopping block and making their way to court.

The Wisconsin Education Association Council announced on Wednesday that its members were filing suit over a law that requires all state agencies — including the Department of Public Instruction — to run any new regulations by Walker for approval.

"This suit was filed as a way to make sure education policies in our state are conducted in a way that is in line with our state constitution," Christine Brey, WEAC spokeswoman, told The Huffington Post. "All students should have the opportunities to have education policies driven by what’s best for schools and separate and apart from politics."

The suit alleges that the law is unconstitutional because it violates lines of authority established in the Wisconsin Constitution.

Talking Points Memo: Wis. Senate Leader: ‘Wow! The Supreme Court Is Crazier Than The Legislature’

-By Eric Kleefeld

June 27, 2011- Wisconsin state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) has responded — with some surprise and a bit of sarcastic humor — to the reports that emerged over the weekend of conservative state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser being accused of grabbing liberal Justice Ann Walsh Bradley by the neck in a chokehold.

"Wow! The Supreme Court is crazier than the Legislature apparently," said Fitzgerald, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

On a more serious note, Fitzgerald said "it appears something happened" but that the details were hazy.

Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R), who is Scott Fitzgerald's younger brother, told reporters that he "had not heard anything" about a physical incident until he saw the news reports on Saturday.

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