Winning Progressive: Smart ALEC University – Are Your State Legislators Being Indoctrinated?

-By Jillian Barclay

July 6, 2011- Conservative front group ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, who I’ve written about previously here, is sponsoring a legislative training and indoctrination session in New Orleans on August 1st through August 6th. Your state legislators are invited to attend and LEARN! LEARN! LEARN!

ALEC will teach your reps how to present laws (pre-written by corporations). The legislation runs the gamut from union-busting bills, laws that restrict voting, privatizing and selling off your state’s assets, and laws that rid your state of those onerous environmental protections that make your air clean enough to breathe and your water safe enough to drink.

Not only that, ALEC’s donating corporations will give your legislator a $1900.00 ‘scholarship’ to attend. ALEC is so motivated to educate and convert your state legislators, they provide all of the necessary educational materials; the wine, the luxury hotel and the gourmet meals that all students require. No cold pizza or cramped dormitories at this corporate-funded college!

Workshops, seminars and speakers, all with one goal: Push the corporate agenda and sell out the very people that voted for you. Sell the schools, sell the highways, sell the prisons, sell the power plants, sell the people and sell their rights, but do it from the comfort of the New Orleans Marriott! Beyond that, ALEC will demonstrate exactly how to make this agenda look and sound appealing.

And on Saturday, your state rep can attend a prayer service and then go on a shooting outing! They can also enjoy all the sights and sounds that New Orleans has to offer.

In A Position Of Power? ALEC Will Give You Money!

Why won’t ALEC give me a scholarship? Clearly, I am not in a position of power. That’s why! I am not a state legislator. But Debbie Lesko, elected state rep from Arizona’s 9th district, has made sure that her state Assemblymen and Senators will get their scholarships. Some legislators have even been able to arrange for ALEC to pick up the entire tab for themselves AND their families to attend these little vacations.

The following email was first obtained by Blog For Arizona and sent from Ms. Lesko:

From: Debbie Lesko <>Subject: ALEC Meeting in New Orleans Aug. 3-6
Date: May 12, 2011 4:33:38 PM MST

Dear Members,

As the AZ ALEC public sector chairman, I’d like to invite you to join me in NEW ORLEANS at ALEC’s annual meeting from AUGUST 3RD-6TH. READ ALL DETAILS BELOW:

1. ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is a nonpartisan membership association for conservative state lawmakers who share a common belief in limited government, free markets, federalism, and individual liberty.

2. If you are an ALEC member, your airfare, hotel, ALEC registration, baggage, travel to/from the airport to the hotel, and airport parking will be reimbursed through an ALEC scholarship up to $1,900.00 per legislator.
You may share rooms if you so desire….it is up to you.

3. I have attached a list of current ALEC members with their expiration dates. IF your membership expired Dec. 2010, you NEED to renew your membership to attend the meeting. IF you are not listed as a member, you NEED to JOIN to attend the meeting. Go to The price is $100 for 2 years. The membership fee is NOT reimbursed.

4. I have attached the Task Force member list. If you are a primary task force member, you can vote on model legislation during your task force meeting. Alternate task force members will be able to vote if the primary task force member does not attend. All task force members should attend their task force. Task Force meeting dates and times are listed under the annual meeting AGENDA at
CONTACT my assistant, Patty Wisner, and let her know if you are attending at 602-926-5413 or

5. To REGISTER for the meeting and hotel go to:
I suggest you do so soon to make sure there is room in the hotel. If you use the ALEC hotel you will be reimbursed $100 off your registration fee. 4 NIGHTS at the hotel will be covered. Check in Aug. 2nd. Check out Aug. 6th. ALEC meetings start Aug. 3rd. Hotel check in time is 3pm and check out time is noon.

6. Make your own flight arrangements.

7. You need to SAVE and SUBMIT copies of all receipts and turn them into my assistant, Patty Wisner, AFTER the trip. Reimbursement usually takes 2-3 weeks to process AFTER the trip and AFTER you turn in the reimbursement form and receipts. I have attached the reimbursement form.

8. CONTACT my assistant, Patty Wisner, at 602-926-5413 or
to let her know IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND. I need an idea of how many legislators will be attending in order to make sure we have enough scholarship funds.


Debbie Lesko
State Representative
Arizona-Legislative District 9
1700 W. Washington St. Suite H
Phoenix, AZ 85007


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