New Petition by the Center for Media & Democracy PR Watch: TELL CORPORATIONS TO DUMP ALEC!

Why are major corporations risking their reputation by cozying up behind closed doors with the Koch Brothers and Big Tobacco to manipulate state laws throughout the country? The Center for Media and Democracy has uncovered that smoke-filled back room where Fortune 500 firms and right-wing politicians craft the bills that undermine our wages, our legal rights, our voting rights, and our democracy – and it is called ALEC.

We are sending letters to the corporate leadership of the American Legislative Exchange Council (Bayer, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Wal-Mart, Kraft, Coca-Cola, State Farm, Johnson and Johnson, AT&T, Koch, Altria/Phillip Morris USA, Reynolds Tobacco, Centerpoint 360, American Bail Coalition, Diageo, Energy Future Holdings, Exxon Mobile, Intuit, Peabody Energy, PhRMA, Reed Elsevier, Salt River Project, UPS) to demand that they withdraw their membership from ALEC and do what’s right for our democracy.

By clicking the link below, you’ll be able to send your own letters to companies. Don’t forget each firm also has Facebook pages and Twitter feeds where this message can become viral!

For more information about these corporations, ALEC and the details of what they’re doing, go to


To learn of other actions and Koch-related petions VISIT OUR TAKE ACTION PAGE:

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