Veracity Stew: Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity Sues New York

-By Beth

July 12, 2011- Here at The Stew, we’re pretty fond of the Other 98%, a genuine grassroots movement aimed at making government and democracy work for the little guys like me and you – the other 98% – not the moneyed interests that are twisting and distorting government policies to serve their own greedy interests.

The Other 98% now has a petition online detailing the suit against the State of New York, filed by Americans for Prosperity, the phony grassroots astro-turf organization funded by the Koch brothers and Koch Industries:

The Koch Brothers are at it again – and this time, they’ve taken aim at the entire east coast.

The Kochs and their Tea Party-funding oil front group, Americans For Prosperity, are suing New York State for taking part in RGGI*, a regional cap-and-trade effort that has forced polluters to pay, and raised over $700 million for the states taking part**. They’re trying to argue it’s illegal to make huge corporations pay for their pollution output, but it’s more than fine for American non-corporate citizens to pay the bill.

If this crumbles in New York, it’s going to crumble across all the RGGI states across the east cost – and it’ll be even tougher to challenge the Kochs in the future. We have got to stop this.

New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, needs to hear from us: we need him to stand up strong against the Kochs and fight this lawsuit.

Cuomo has supported RGGI and making polluters pay in the past, but there’s reason to believe he might not stand so strong this time: in recent weeks, he has come down on the wrong side of fracking, a practice with the potential to line huge corporations’ pockets as it dirties the drinking water of countless Americans along the east coast. We can’t take Cuomo’s support for granted – he needs to hear from us.

RGGI – or Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative – is a regional cap-and-trade program spanning states in the Northwest U.S. and provinces in Eastern Canada. Its goal is to reduce carbon emissions and hold corporations accountable for polluting. Naturally, this doesn’t sit well with the Kochs, whose facilities across the country release 300 million tons of carbon dioxide a year.


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