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Buzzflash: Koch Brothers Promise False “Hope of the Future” to Those They Cheat “of the Enjoyment of the Present”

-By Stephen Pizzo

July 8, 2011- One of father's favorite nostrums was that "the more things change the more things stay the same." I got a fresh lesson in that truism when I turned to an old book and it gave me the first clear understanding of the mass movement we have come to know as The Tea Party. It also opened up for me the wider implications of our current "Great Recession" and events like it worldwide.

Salon: The rich aren’t like you and me

-By Michael Winship

June 27, 2011– Washington, D.C., is a Potemkin village of alabaster and marble where the perpetually stalled and broken escalators of the city's subway system are a perfect metaphor for the government's inability to generate positive, upward movement. Yet with all the calumnies that are committed on an hourly basis behind the facade of our nation's capitol, what had local media there outraged a few days ago? Lemonade.

Seems a TV news cameraman caught a county inspector in an affluent Washington suburb trying to shut down a kid's lemonade stand just outside the Congressional Country Club during the recent US Open. And if that wasn't bad enough, he slapped the enterprising tikes – who were raising money to fight pediatric cancer — with a $500 fine.

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