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Clean Energy Footprints: Koch Brothers Invest in Climate Change Denial

-by Dr. Stephen A. Smith

June 5, 2011- Over the past year, industrialists Charles and David Koch have garnered considerable media attention for their extensive funding of conservative infrastructure. In August of 2010, The New Yorker magazine published an in-depth profile of the brothers, “Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama.” The article drew considerable attention to their support of conservative causes, which previously had not been widely recognized. 

Op Ed News: Inside the Koch Brothers’ Expensive Echo Chamber

-By Robert Greenwald

June 22, 2011- Documents and interviews unearthed in recent months by Brave New Foundation researchers illustrate a $28.4 million Koch business that has manufactured 297 commentaries, 200 reports, 56 studies and six books distorting Social Security's effectiveness and purpose.

Together, the publications reveal a vast cottage industry comprised of Koch brothers' spokespeople, front groups, think tanks, academics and elected officials, which have built a self-sustaining echo chamber to transform fringe ideas into popular mainstream public policy arguments.

The Koch brothers' echo chamber has successfully written the messaging for the AARP, a traditional defender of Social Security for all generations, which recently opened the door to cutting benefits.

Buffalo Grove Patch: Teen Intern Takes Aim at Koch Brothers

Dold responds to question about Citizens United case.

-By Steve Sadin

June 21, 2011-When a member of Rep. Robert Dold’s (R-Kenilworth) staff asked for “two more questions” toward the end of an Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Town Hall Saturday in Vernon Hills, AFP organizer Collin Corbett got a surprise when a "little kid” took the floor.

The “little kid” was Matt Rice, a 14-year-old Buffalo Grove resident and Stevenson High School freshman. He is spending the summer as an intern for state Rep. Carol Sente (D-Vernon Hills). Rice took dead aim at a U.S. Supreme Court decision that has helped enable AFP founders David and Charles Koch to make larger donations than were previously possible. 

Think Progress: Gov. Scott Rejects Millions In Health Aid For Seniors, Children, And Disabled To Grandstand Against Health Law

-By Marie Diamond

June 21, 2011- In his relentless campaign against President Obama’s health care reform law, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has repeatedly proven his willingness to put politics ahead of the welfare of his state’s residents. While other Republican governors have joined in opposition to the Affordable Care Act, most have forged ahead with implementing the reforms and accepted the federal money that comes with it as that is the law, until their suit against the legislation is settled in court.

But the St. Petersburg Times reports that Scott has taken a different tact, ignoring the law by rejecting millions in federal health aid for senior citizens, children, and the disabled just to spite the president and score political points with the far right:

Working In These Times: Organizing on Wobbly Ground: Learning from ‘Solidarity Unionism at Starbucks’

-By Adam Kader

June 16, 2011- The decline of unions does not mean the end of the labor movement. Indeed, the last few years have seen a proliferation of new kinds of worker organizations and workers' rights campaigns. Some of the most exciting of late have been conducted by community-based groups (rather than workplace-based unions), such as the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and those part of the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

In Solidarity Unionism at Starbucks, a recent pamphlet published by PM Press, Daniel Gross and Staughton Lynd highlight an increasingly important feature of today’s labor movement—nonunion workers using direct action strategies protected by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)—while examining the Industrial Workers of the World’s (IWW)'s ongoing efforts to organize Starbucks.

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