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Wisconsin Gazette: David Koch’s group begins campaign for Wisconsin GOP senators

-by Louis Weisberg

June 19, 2011- A political group that promotes the corporate interests of billionaire David Koch has begun phone bank operations on behalf of Republican state senators targeted for recall in Wisconsin.

Huffington Post reported that 10 volunteers were making phone calls to Wisconsin yesterday on behalf of Koch’s group Americans for Prosperity. The phone bank was part of the weekend’s RightOnline conference in Minneapolis.

Koch, who gave Scott Walker’s (pictured) gubernatorial campaign $43,000 in direct contributions and funneled much more to Walker and other Wisconsin GOP candidates in 2010 through various groups, expects to receive millions of dollars worth of no-bid Wisconsin government contracts for his Koch Industries. Koch Industries is also in line to gain ownership of vital resources currently held by the state.

Think Progress: Koch Front Group Americans For Prosperity: ‘Take The Unions Out At The Knees’

February 25, 2011- In a speech earlier this month at the Conservative Political Action Committee’s annual conference, Americans For Prosperity-Michigan Executive Director Scott Hagerstrom revealed the true goal of his group and its allies like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) efforts. Speaking at CPAC’s “Panel for Labor Policy,” Hagerstrom said that AFP really wants to do is to “take the unions out at the knees”:

HAGERSTROM: It’s easy to go out there and fight taxes and increased regulation, you know we send out an action alert on taxes to AFP and we get thousands of people to respond. You send out one on a more complicated issue and it just doesn’t quite resonate…We fight these battles on taxes and regulation but really what we would like to see is to take the unions out at the knees so they don’t have the resources to fight these battles.  

Watch it:

Tuscon Citizen: Koch Brothers and Wall Street buy governors, as well as Supreme Court Justices

-by Pamela Powers

February 22, 2011- Billionaire Brothers’ Money Plays Role in Wisconsin Dispute from the New York Times may belong in the “duh” category, but I think it worthwhile to note the connection between billionaire right-wing philanthropists Charles G. and David Koch, Wall Street, and the current union-busting activities in Wisconsin and other states.

According to the Times, Koch Industries was one of the largest contributors to union-busting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The article excerpted below also says that Koch Brothers’ political operatives have been working with state governments in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania to bust public employee unions.

The Koch Brothers’ Covert Operations & the Tea Party

Reading of Jane Mayer's article: Covert Operations, The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama. Several minutes of commentary at the end. BTW, I'm only out of breath for about the first 10 minutes. That is, I'm not on the stairmaster for most of this reading. 

Mike Papantonio: Conservatives Turn Colleges Into Ayn Rand Universities

A few weeks ago, the story broke about how the Koch Brothers had bought themselves a position of influence at Florida State University. But the story goes far beyond both FSU and the Koch Brothers. It turns out that right wing billionaires and think tanks have been actively buying positions at universities across America for years, just so they can help push their Ayn Rand, laissez-faire capitalism ideas about corporations being righteous, and government being evil. Mike Papantonio talks about how this happened, and how the GOP is trying to indoctrinate college students with investigative journalist Daniel Denvir.

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