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Alternet: Seven Ways Scott Walker and the GOP Are Still Trying to Screw Wisconsin’s Poor, Working Class, and Just About Everybody Else

Wisconsin erupted in protest in February over an attempt to ban collective bargaining, but Gov. Scott Walker didn't stop there in his war on the people of his state.

-By Meredith Clark

June 15, 2011- Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has taken a machete to the state’s budget and has clearly relished every swipe he’s taken to social programs and civil rights. The spirit of the enormous protests that sprang to life in February over Walker’s proposal to ban collective bargaining is stronger than ever.

Thousands of people descended upon the Capitol this week to protest both Monday’s State Supreme Court decision to reinstate the collective bargaining ban and the governor’s proposed two-year budget, which includes hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts and is currently moving through the legislature.

Everything from health care to the right to vote is under attack, and with the next two-year budget currently under debate and a slew of controversial bills at different legislative stages, terrifying changes loom for 5.5 million Wisconsinites. Here are seven ways Wisconsin Republicans are waging war against the poor and working class people of Wisconsin. 

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