South Bend Tribune: Pscholka recall wording OK’d

Petition circulators get green light to proceed

-By Lou Mumford

May 23, 2011- Petitions seeking the recall of freshman state Rep. Al Pscholka, R-Stevensville, can now be circulated, following Monday's approval of petition language.

The wording, as expected, takes issue with Pscholka, a former aide to U. S. Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, for introducing legislation granting additional authority to emergency financial managers such as the one in place in Benton Harbor. Unsuccessful earlier this month with its recall language, the group seeking Pscholka's ouster covered its bases this time by submitting four separate wordings, said Berrien County Clerk Louise Stine, one of three county officials charged with reviewing recall language.

"We approved three of the four, and they picked the one they wanted to appear on the petitions,'' she said.

Specifically, the wording asks that Pscholka be removed from office for "allowing emergency financial managers sole authority to remove local elected municipal government officials and elected school district board representatives from office.''

Emergency financial managers have become a sore point in Benton Harbor where Joseph Harris, in his role as emergency financial manager, is trying to right the town's fiscal ship. His efforts have met with resistance, particularly from elected city officials.


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