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Orlando Sentinel: Kochs shouldn’t put strings on $1.5M for FSU

May 14, 2011- I wanted to go rogue and support the 'Noles.

Think of it: a mainstream-media Gator defending Florida State for taking money from the right-wing Koch brothers.

But I can't do it.

For those of you who don't watch MSNBC, Charles and David Koch play the roles of Satan and Satan in liberal theology.

They are the First Evil, the evil that makes other evil possible by funding it with the billions they make from their carbon-spewing industries.

They are behind the Cato Institute, the tea-party movement and the dismantling of public-employee unions.

Liberal paranoia about the Koch brothers is surpassed only by conservative paranoia about George Soros.

Last week, the St. Petersburg Times reported that that the Koch brothers' charity foundation had given Florida State $1.5 million to hire libertarian economic professors. The brothers "bought a rare commodity: the right to interfere in faculty hiring at a publicly funded university,'' reported the Times.

The left wing went wild.

The Guardian: Koch brothers under attack by leftwing film-maker

Robert Greenwald is taking the fight to billionaires David and Charles Koch, who fund much of the US's rightwing politics

May 15, 2011- Even for the Lincoln Centre it was an unusual show, and an unscheduled one. Several hundred protesters turned up outside the arts complex on Manhattan's Upper West Side last week for the guerrilla screening of a short film. From a hotel on the other side of the street, a video was projected on to the centre's walls. The unwitting stars of the films were David and Charles Koch, the reclusive rightwing billionaire brothers whose secretive empire and network of influence and funding is emerging as a liberal rallying cause in America.

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