WTMJ: Capitol Chaos: Darling Recall Signatures To Be Submitted

April 21, 2011- One high profile effort to recall a Wisconsin legislator involves that of River Hills Republican State Senator Alberta Darling, and she will be the 5th Republican lawmaker in the state to have recall petition signatures sent to the State Capitol

People trying to recall her will be driving petitions to Madison to turn in those signatures to try to get the recall process started.

They needed about 21,000 signatures in order for any recall election to happen.

Organizer Christopher Rowe said that they had close to 30,000 signatures.

Rowe said that the five Republican recall petition signatures submitted shows how the lack of popularity of Governor Scott Walker.

"It says a lot. It says Governor Walker's policies are not popular. There's a lot of people who are not going to stand for it."

Representative Sandy Pasch and former representative Sheldon Wasserman have expressed interest in running against Darling.

Neither have formally filed to do so.

The recall elections are slated for mid-June.


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