Buzzflash: Will the Unemployed and Homeless End up In Prison in the New Order?

It's a place where black is white, and up is down, and one man can make enough money in a year to pay the salaries of 100,000 new teachers.

Where 1% of the population has accumulated more wealth than the bottom90%. Where this tiny group took a big slice of the pie, and then over 30 years took another slice, and then another, while everyone else had less to eat.

The Bizarro leaders, seeing the backward movement of the masses, decreed:"Give more to the 1%, and ease their tax burden! For only by increasing inequality will we make things more equal!"

The leaders further decreed that any funding for children or the elderly or the unemployed should be stopped immediately, because, as they exclaimed: "Only by pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps will you prosper!"

After all, the great merchants of Bizarro had succeeded. For years they had utilized the research and infrastructure and technology of their forebears to design mighty business structures, but now, as in became out, they announced that they would only exist on small islands far out to sea,where the flow of wealth would be unimpeded.

And while surrounding worlds invested in roads and rail and newfound wonders of the sun and the wind, the people of Bizarro took theirbrightest young minds and trained them to turn copper into gold.

They fashioned new laws to call income "carried interest," and tore-package worthless paper as glittery giftwrap, and to 'backdate' and'defer' and 'freeze' instruments of value to achieve gains while everyone else was losing.

They were called innovators.

And new prisons were built for the vagrants and the unemployed and the desperate.

They were called criminals. 


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