Alternet: Wisc: Republican Judge Hires Koch-Allied Attorney For Recount; Tea Party Express Recruits Recount Volunteers

April 28, 2011- Last week, incumbent Justice David Prosser hired James Troupis, the same attorney retained by the Koch-funded Wisconsin Prosperity Network in a case challenging restrictions on political advertising that is currently before the court, to look out for his interests in the recount now underway in Wisconsin that will determine the final outcome of the April 4 race for a seat on the state Supreme Court. Today, Tea Party Express, the group and PAC created and run by GOP operative Sal Russo, sent out a breathlessly-worded e-mail calling for volunteers, especially attorneys.

The stakes in the recount are especially high since the passage of draconian anti-labor and anti-safety net laws passed by the state legislature in March — laws that are being appealed by opponents. Although the current court will likely hear those cases before the new justice is seated, the state is so politically polarized that the state's high court could be instrumental in determining the outcome of not just future legislation, but cases concerning election law.

On April 6, a day after Democrat Joanne Kloppenburg declared victory over the incumbent, the Republican Prosser, by a razor-thin margin, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus, also a Republican, announced she had mistakenly failed to convey results of an additional 7,582 votes for Prosser. Kloppenburg called for the recount that began today statewide.

"The left," claims the anonymous "Tea Party Express Team" that signed the missive, "is trying to steal this victory away from us."

Wisconsin is in urgent need of both attorneys and non-attorneys to come to the state and help oversee the imminent recount and provide needed ballot security. Wisconsin has 72 counties plus the City of Milwaukee, so the task is large, and the stakes couldn't be higher.


If you can spend a few days in Wisconsin, it can mean the difference between preserving this great victory and having it taken away from us by the left-wing activists that are already there. We will be sending our own team to Wisconsin as well, so we can use the financial support to keep this fight going to the finish.

The Tea Party Express helped promote the gubernatorial candidacy of Republican Carl Paladino in New York, who sent out e-mails to his associates containing pornographic photos, and racist, photo-shopped images of the Obamas.


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