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RAW Story: Wisconsin court candidates hire Bush and Franken’s recount lawyers

April 9, 2011- Though neither of the candidates in the Wisconsin Supreme Court justice race, JoAnne Kloppenburg and incumbent David Prosser, have officially called for a recount, state officials and the candidates themselves are preparing for one. Kloppenburg's campaign staff has set up a fund, the Kloppenburg for Justice Committee, to pay legal fees for the battle to come, and hired the lawyer who represented Sen. Al Franken during the recount to determine his senate seat. Prosser has hired the lawyer who spearheaded the Bush-Gore recount.

Kloppenburg declared victory by a 204-vote margin Wednesday, but late Thursday, an election clerk announced that there had been an error at the polls, and that Prosser had garnered an additional 7,000 votes.

The State Column reports that since the margin of victory in the election, in which nearly 1.5 million votes were cast, is less than 1 percent, a call for recount is expected. The Journal-Sentinel reports that it would be the state's first recount effort in 20 years, and fundraising rules are unclear.

Crooks & Liars: Wisconsin’s Place in the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

April 9, 2011- Untangling the hairball of right-wing non-profits is a job worthy of the DuPont family genealogist. First cousins, second cousins, intermarrying, charities that aren't really charitable, you name it, you'll find it in the dark recesses of the back pages of federal disclosures. But if you look long enough, and take the time to get to know the various families and their incestuous patterns, a picture emerges. If I had Glenn Beck's blackboard I might be able to even illustrate it, but since I don't, I'll just use pictures.

Up to now, most of the focus on funding has been on Koch Industries, and rightly so. You should all download and read this comprehensive report by the Center for American Progress. It gives a great high-level overview of their political and business dealings.

Crooks & Liars: Scott Walker’s Patronage Hire Resigns His Sweet Gig. What, Does He Think He’s Sarah Palin?

April 8, 2011- Anything that gives Scott Walker agita is fine with me, and I'm happy to have played some small part in spreading the word when it results in at least one privileged Republican trustafarian losing his job. How does it feel, Brian? Via Wonkette:

The short, meteoric rise of some drunken loser flunk-out has come to an end, despite his dad being a wealthy GOP construction-industry lobbyist who demanded Scott Walker’s new administration hire up all the rich white Republican drunken loser flunk-out kids at $81,500 annual salaries.

Brian Deschane, 27, was given the sweet job because his daddy gave Scott Walker $121,000 to run for governor. But then the mean old liberal newspaper wrote about young Deschane and his two DUI convictions that not even his daddy could make go away with a check to the judge, and then the socialists all started blogging it, and then Deschane got a demotion back to his previous sweet job, making $64,728 a year, also for nothing more than being the unemployable result of one of Scott Walker’s corporate donor’s ejaculating into a woman’s vagina some 28 years ago.

Wisconsin State Journal: Railroad executive charged with making illegal contributions to Walker campaign

April 11, 2011- A Wisconsin railroad magnate accused of illegally donating to Gov. Scott Walker's campaign said Monday he would plead guilty to felony charges but didn't realize he had done anything wrong when he asked employees to donate tens of thousands of dollars and then reimbursed them.

Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. president and chief executive officer William Gardner was charged with one count of excessive political contributions and one count of unlawful political contribution. Both charges are felonies that carry a combined maximum sentence of seven years in prison and $20,000 in fines.

Gardner struck a plea bargain calling for him to plead guilty. Prosecutors in exchange agreed to recommend he serve two years on probation. His company, meanwhile, has paid a $166,900 forfeiture, and seven employees have each agreed to pay a $250 forfeiture, state election officials said.

Politicus USA: Wisconsin Titanic: Criminal Probe Heading Scott Walker’s Way

April 11, 2011- This morning, a criminal complaint filed in circuit court alleges that William Gardner, the president and CEO of Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co., skirted campaign donation laws by soliciting employees to give to Scott Walker’s campaign and then reimbursing them, in what amounts to two felony counts. It has also come out that Walker’s campaign then reimbursed Gardner and seven additional railroad employees to the tune of $43,800, which indicates a criminal probe is imminent of Walker’s campaign.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports:

It’s illegal to direct company funds to political campaigns in the state. But William Gardner, the president and CEO of Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co., told the state last May that he gave company money to reimburse employees for making political donations to Gov. Scott Walker and other political candidates.

Gardner was charged Monday morning with two felony counts of violating campaign finance laws, including charges of excessive political contributions and unlawful political contributions…

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