Politicus USA: Wisconsin Republican County Clerk Sent Out Pre Marked Ballots

April 8, 2011- Waukesha county clerk and Republican committee past president Kathy Nickolaus is the center of a heated race in Wisconsin. She found over 7500 net votes for Republican conservative Prosser in Waukesha County in the contested state Supreme Court race and forgot to hit “save” for an entire city. This isn’t the first time she has screwed up or even tried to influence an election. Back in 2005, Ms. Nickolaus was found to have sent out “sample ballots” to the voters. The problem was these ballots were already marked for a specific candidate.

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

Sample ballots printed for Waukesha County executive special election give voted unintended advice: who to vote for. Published in several newspapers this week (October 14th,2005) sample ballots promoting Tuesday’s contest between James Dwyer and Dan Vrakas include a mark signaling a vote for Dwyer.

The red-faced county clerk Kathy Nickolaus said, the gaffe occurred when her office sent some newspapers the same sample ballots that had been marked to test the voting machines. “It was human error” she said…. The tainted sample ballots are being published in newspapers in Brookfield, Menomonee Falls, Mukwanago and Sussex. Along with both candidates’ names and detailed instruction on how to complete a ballot, there it is — a hand drawn solid line designating a vote for Dwyer.

This woman is obviously very prone to human error, that is the same, lame excuse she used for this current gaffe. This election and the ballots need to be investigated further.

I also believe purple ink and finger prints should be used to indicate that a vote had happened.


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