Wisconsin Update: As of 11:00AM (ET) Kloppenburg leads by 300 Votes With 5 Precincts Still Out

2 of the 5 precincts are in Milwaukee and 3 of the 5 are in counties that have thus far favored Kloppenburg. There are also reports that a great many provisional and absentee ballots remain to be counted. (These have also been favoring Kloppenburg) Whatever the outcome, it is likely to be very close, and a recount seems almost certain.

The remaining precincts are:

Milwaukee (2) 57/43% Kloppenburg
Jefferson (1) 58/42% Prosser
Taylor (1) 61/39% Prosser
Juneau (1) 52/48% Kloppenburg

UPDATE: 11:41AM (ET) Juneau and Taylor are in- Kloppenburg maintains lead by 224 vote margin.

UPDATE: 12:52PM (ET) AP reported 15 minutes ago that the last two Milwaukee precincts are in, but vote totals still have not changed. ???

UPDATE: 12:55PM (ET) AP vote totals have updated… Show Kloppenburg lead now 235.

UPDATE: 2:13PM (ET) Some ballots must have been disqualified- AP vote totals just updated and totals were reduced for both candidates, but a net gain for Kloppenburg who now leads by 336, 739,379-739,043

UPDATE: 2:28PM (ET) Another change to vote totals- AP now reports Kloppenburg lead cut to 206, 739,711 – 739,505

UPDATE: 308PM (ET) AP vote totals now stand at Kloppenburg 740,090 – Prosser 739,886. Kloppenburg lead now 204. Still waiting on Jefferson Co.

UPDATE: 3:12PM (ET) AP now shows all precincts reporting- vote totals still the same as above.


Stay tuned for further updates

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