Politicus USA: The Original Tea Party was not Anti-Government but Anti-Corporation

April 2, 2011- Progressive political commentator Thom Hartmann has something to say about the real history of the Boston Tea Party. Using a first-hand account written by one of the participants, he shows that it was not against government regulation; it was not against the size of government. It was not even really at its core about government at all, except to the extent that a government supported a huge mega-corporation that had a stranglehold on America’s economy. As Thom Hartmann says, the Boston Tea Party was “A revolt against corporate power and corporate tax cuts.”

The heavy of the piece was not specifically the British government but the East India Company, which had a monopoly and was exploiting it. The East India Company was almost a nation unto itself, with tremendous influence over the British government and guilty of tremendous corruption and violence. The original Tea Party patriots were having none of this. They were not going to be ruined by corporate greed.

Obviously, these were not a bunch of conservatives, especially not a bunch of people like today’s conservatives, who embrace corporate power and willingly place themselves into thrall of these powerful conglomerates, today’s East India Companies, like GE (which paid no taxes). The status quo defends corporations, defends the right of corporations to evade taxation, and defends the rights of corporations to exploit the average citizen. The original Tea Party patriots rose up against this idea, and threw tea to the value of a million of today’s dollars into Boston Harbor. Not government tea, mind you, but corporate tea.


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