Capitol Hill Blue: The Kochs and their weapons of mass distraction

March 31, 2011- When it comes to assault on American freedoms, few terrorists — if any — are more dangerous than Charles and David Koch — the energy magnates who use their checkbooks as weapons of mass distraction to finance threats against Democracy.

The Koch brothers are modern-day robber barons — rabid right wing billionaires who finance phony grassroots operations like the Tea Party to impose their own repressive, freedom-squelching views upon a gullible electorate led into a sea of ignorance by fake promises of returning power to the people and fighting the establishment.

As owners of one of the largest privately-held conglomerates in the world, the Kochs fund scams created by crafty consultants, creating sham organizations to further their power-grabbing goals to put control of the government into the hands of the uber-rich while convincing their sadly-ignorant followers that its all for the common good.

I know the Kochs. I met them while one of the consulting firms that helped create some of their phony grassroots operations like Citizens for a Sound Economy, which morphed into former GOP Congressman Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks and — ultimately — the Tea Party.

The Kochs controlled the private, always-behind-closed-doors energy advisory group formed by then Vice President Dick Cheney, the Darth Vader of George W. Bush‘s Constitution-destroying cartel. As their behind-the-scenes power and influence grew, they became the dominant force in the GOP’s hidden agenda to control government that long ago ceased to be by, for or of the people.

The brothers — with a net worth of about $21.5 billion each — have the power and the insider influence to get what they want without regard to the law, ethics or common decency.


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