Politcus USA: CREW Wants Wisconsin GOP Senator Punished For Misuse of Troopers

March 30, 2011- Oh, my. First Fitzy ignores a judge’s order, and while contemplating ignoring the second, we find out that the Washington watchdog group CREW got a hold of his emails and things aren’t looking so good for him on the ethics front either. I’m sure you’re shocked.

We are, of course, talking about Wisconsin again, where Republican senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (of the Fitzgerald GOP “mafia”; aka, daddy’s head of the troopers, bro is in the House and Fitzy leads as Walker’s main dog in the senate) got himself into hot water when he told his daddy to go after those mean Democrats who didn’t want to let him and Scotty steal all of the people’s rights.

CREW ordered up some of Fitzy’s emails and they were none too impressed with his ethics upon reading them. Again, I feel your shock. Yes, the same FitzWalkerStan gang that violated open meeting laws, had Democratic lawmakers roughed up, locked Democrats out of the Capitol during hearings, and had all of the windows bolted to prevent access (against another judge’s order) to the Capitol to those horrid unwashed teachers also used the state troopers to try to harass and intimidate Democratic lawmakers, only stopping when they were afraid they might “create sympathy” for the Democrats. For some reason, CREW was not impressed with this behavior and now wants Fitzgerald to be punished. Imagine that.

I’m sure the FitzWalkerStans needn’t have worried about the public having sympathy for the Democrats; we all get Fox and so we know that Democrats are evil people who do not celebrate the same religion as the pious FitzWalkerStans of the country. Democrats are even known to care about the sick, the vulnerable, and the downtrodden. Ewwww.


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