Scott Walker Defies Law: Why Doesn’t He Just Tax Corporations and Millionaires?

-Blogged by mark Karlin on Buzzflash

March 29. 2011- You would think obeying the law would be a high priority for the flag-waving right-wingers, but obviously not for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

As Talking Points Memo reported, Walker and the Wisconsin GOP went ahead and started implementing their rammed through anti-union law, despite a judicial order not to do so.

In fact, the Walker administration has already stopped collecting dues for the public unions and has increased health care insurance deductions, again in defiance of a legal restraint until the court suits concerning the law proceed further along.

Now we learn, via a nonpartisan Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau report, that contrary to Walker's claims that he is reducing the state budget by 6 percent, it will actually increase spending by 1 percent.

You have to wonder how much Walker could have actually cut the budget by raising fair share taxes on tax-dodging corporations and millionaires, instead of using unions as a scapegoat.


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