RAW Story: Progressives launch ad against WI justice who called colleague a ‘bitch’

March 25, 2011- The Wisconsin Supreme Court justice that recently admitted to calling a female colleague a "bitch" now has another problem.

Progressives in the state have launched an ad campaign against Justice David Prosser, suggesting that he's on the side of child molesters.

While District Attorney of Outagamie County in 1979, Prosser had refused to prosecute a priest that had allegedly sexually abused two children.

"I was ready to take the stand," Troy Merryfield, one of the abused children, told the Mulwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel years later. "He (Prosser) said it would be too embarrassing for a kid my age and said what jury would believe a kid testifying against a priest?"

"A priest sexually abuses children for 30 years across Wisconsin," the ad begins. "A mother tells tell D.A. David Prosser her two young sons were sexually assaulted."

"What does Prosser do?" the ad asks.

"Prosser refuses to prosecute. He doesn't even ask the police to investigate. Instead, Prosser meets with the bishop. To avoid scandal, they send the priest to another community and the assaults continue," the spot adds.

"Tell David Prosser judges should protect our children, not sex offenders."


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