In response to widespread calls for consumer boycotts of Kock products, right-wing blogger and Andrew Breitbart stooge Liberty Chick has responded by calling for a "buy-cott" of Koch products. Basically she has posted the same list you've been seeing all over the internet, and is now telling right-wingers everywhere to buy these brands to counter those nasty liberals and their self-righteous attempts to reduce the Koch fortune.

From Liberty Chick's blog:

Many people are asking me which products the silly leftists are boycotting from Koch Industries. Their list is below.

Despite the fact that the Kochs spent only one tenth of one percent on Wisconsin’s gubernatorial election, leftists are demanding the Libertarian capitalists be boycotted. As free market loving unapologetic capitalists, many of us support a BUYcott of Koch products! (Because really, what the hell does George Soros make that we want anyway?) Oddly enough, the Wisconsin Retirement System has millions of dollars invested in a Koch company, too. So, if you BUYcott Koch products, at least now you can say you support the Wisconsin teachers. Literally.

But ssshhhh….don’t tell them that their boycott is working against their own side. Did you know that Koch’s competitor is Cargill? Guess who’s been protesting Cargill? Uh oh: Lookie here and oh no, even Cheerios isn’t safe…

If you REALLY want to annoy the leftists, we suggest you buy the products at Walmart, another of their favorite protest targets. Just for giggles.

Now, in her own typically right-wing mocking way, Liberty Chick may have pointed out a truth that there are virtually no consumer product you can buy whose manufacturers  don't have skeletons in their closets. (And those that don't cost significantly more- which maybe you could afford to pay if the Kochs and 398 people like them didn't have half the nation's money in their vaults) But when it comes to picking the lesser of two evils, I'll take the one that doesn't own half the politicians in our government, that isn't actively working against the working class and holding S.P.E.C.T.R.E.-like closed door strategy meetings on how to influence policy.

So, right-wingers everywhere; Give 'til it hurts! Keep digging into those pockets and support your billionaire overlords! GET OUT THERE AND BUY MORE TOILET PAPER!

If you haven't seen the list yet, we have it posted here:

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