WisPolitics: Wisconsin Wave: It’s time to pull back the curtain on who’s behind Scott Walker

March 18, 2011- Beginning on Mon March 21st through Fri. March 25th, Wisconsinites will be shedding much needed light on the corporations and individuals behind Gov. Scott Walker and his hideous budget initiatives. Through creative and poignant strategies, concerned citizens will take action to draw attention to the puppeteers behind Gov. Walker.

Mon., March 21st
Behind Curtain #1 – Georgia Pacific
Mon is recycling day in Maple Bluff, and in light of Gov. Walker’s proposal to eliminate state recycling requirements and state taxpayer support for local recycling programs, citizens are taking advantage of their last chance to dispose of paper, plastic, glass, and metal in a responsible manner with a drop off at the governor’s mansion (99 Cambridge Rd. in Maple Bluff) beginning at 7:00 am. Not surprisingly, one of Gov. Walker’s major corporate donors, the Koch Brothers, spent $21 billion to acquire Georgia Pacific, the nation’s largest paper company, a massive peddler of throwaway products, and global climate change denier. Volunteers will also be on hand at the mansion to provide citizens a list of Georgia Pacific products to avoid at the store.

Tues., March 22nd
Behind Curtain #2 – Menards
At 4:30 pm on Tuesday, picketers will show up at Menards off Mineral Point RD (430 Commerce Dr) to encourage people to boycott the bigbox retailer. John Menard Jr., the retail kingpin, happens to be Wisconsin’s richest person – with a net worth of $5.2 billion in 2010 according to Forbes magazine. Mr. Menard is also a staunch Walker supporter and does double duty as the treasurer for Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) – for more on this corporate frontgroup, see below.

Wed., March 23rd
Behind Curtain #3 – Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC)
WMC, Wisconsin’s largest business lobby, is among the leading funders and agenda setters for Governor Walker’s brutal budget. Recently, WMC found a new chair, Kurt Bauer, President of the Wisconsin Bankers Association, to help lead its assault on Wisconsin. As good Midwesterners, people will visit Mr. Bauer’s home at 5:00 pm on Wednesday to congratulate him on his new job. Well wishers are encouraged to dress nicely and bring appropriate gifts that truly express their heartfelt sentiments.

Thurs. March 24th
Behind Curtain #4 – M&I Bank
To draw attention to M&I Bank’s funding of the Walker governorship, as well as their sordid track record of foreclosing on bankrupt farmers and evicting hapless renters, citizens are urged to join a statewide day of action targeting the rogue bank. Since receiving $1.7 billion in taxpayer bailout money in 2008, M&I has been busy bankrolling Governor Walker’s attack on working and poor families, while holding the assets of wealthy elites who pay virtually no taxes. It is time to confront M&I’s greed and toxic corporate citizenship by sticking it to them where really it hurts – in their pocketbook. In Madison, a local non-profit will withdraw its monies from M&I Bank at 1 W Main St at 12 noon on Thursday, while other actions will be happening throughout the state.

Fri. March 25th
Behind Curtain #5 – Wisconsin Tavern League
The Tavern League of WI contributed $13,500 to Walker in three separate contributions. Wisconsin has some of the highest rates of alcohol related problems nationwide which are the result of permissive alcohol norms encouraged by poorly regulated consumer advertising that leads to the corporate beer takeover of our communities. Those who no longer wish to see such “crap on tap” will be visiting the headquarters of the WI Tavern League at 4:30pm at 2817 Fish Hatchery Rd, Fitchburg, WI.



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