Politicus USA: Walker Linked Wisconsin Justice Called Female Chief Justice A “Bitch”

March 20, 2011- When you think about the justices on your state supreme court, you probably picture them as grown ups who can manage their tempers at work; after all, judicial objectivity and fairness require a certain kind of temperament. But if you live in Wisconsin, you need to rethink that. One of your state justices, Justice David Prosser, apparently has quite the temper, and just recently exploded at the Chief Justice (a woman), calling her a “bitch” while threatening to destroy her, claiming it “won’t be a ground war!”

Instead of apologizing for this, he and his conservative buddies think it was warranted, and determined that she “goaded” him into being abusive and are setting him up because of his upcoming election on April 5 against assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg. So, basically, imagine the “judicial and political conservatives” on the court as blaming the victims and one of them thinking that calling his female better a “bitch” is warranted. In fact, they make it clear that they feel that they are the victims of her “bullying.”

Prosser was favored in the upcoming election until Governor Walker’s anti-union bill was stopped by a restraining order after a county Judge ruled that the Republican state Senators had violated open meeting laws. Prosser announced to a conservative TV host that he was “about 100% sure” that the union busting bill would be heard by the state Supreme Court and his opponent would rule against Walker. He was careful at the end of the interview to say that of course, he hadn’t prejudged how he would rule on the matter, as if people wouldn’t go into shock to see a conservative break from the orders on-high.


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