AlterNet: Wisconsin Recall: Tea Party Express Warns GOP In Danger

March 17, 2011- In an urgent e-mail to its members, the Tea Party Express warned:

For the past two weeks Democrats have out-hustled, out-worked, and out-fundraised Republicans in the RECALL campaigns that are being launched against Gov. Walker and the Republican State Senators.

The e-mail was sent after Sam Stein of The Huffington Post reported:

Both national and Wisconsin-based Republican operatives tell the Huffington Post the party is being dramatically outworked and out-organized by Democrats in the recall campaigns being launched against state Senators.

Hard to say if the TPE folks are truly alarmed or just saw a fund-raising opportunity, but Stein's reporting should give progressive activists heart, if Republicans operatives are anonymously expressing concern.

Together the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy For America, have raised $800,000 for the recall campaign against Republican State Senators Alberta Darling, Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper, who has since been outed by his wife as an adulterer.

(When clipboard-carrying protesters showed up at the Hopper residence, Alysia Hopper, the senator's wife, informed them that the senator no longer lived there since taking up with a 25-year-old mistress who happens to be a lobbyist at a right-wing firm. A local television station received a letter from Alysia Hopper that they say suggests that she signed the recall petition against her estranged husband.)

In a release sent today, PCCC's Adam Green writes: "Over $500,000 will be spent by PCCC/DFA on [television] ads by end of next week, and ads will continue as part of this sustained campaign."


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