Think Progress: Koch Industries: ‘Carbon Dioxide Is Not A Pollutant’

March 18, 2011- John Hinderaker, who works for a firm employed by Koch Industries, argues that efforts to regulate the greenhouse pollution of the petrochemical giant are wrong because “carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.” “Climate change is not caused by pollution; history proves that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not control worldwide temperatures,” Hinderaker wrote in a blog post Wednesday. “Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is a natural substance that is essential to life on earth.” On Thursday, Koch Industries promoted Hinderaker’s radical denial of basic climate science on its Twitter feed and Facebook page:

“Let me address the argument that carbon dioxide is benign because we exhale it,” Rep. Jay Inslee explained this week when Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) parroted the same line as Hinderaker about the greenhouse gas. “That’s about as good an argument as saying a tsunami isn’t dangerous because we drink water.”


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