Talking Points Memo: Progressive Groups Step Up Recall Ad Campaign

March 17, 2011- They've asked the voters, they've filled the airwaves and now they're getting down to business: Starting Thursday, a coalition of national progressives is openly calling for the recall of several Republican state Senators in Wisconsin with new TV ads aimed directly at them.

Recall fever is catching among the Wisconsin left these days. The state Democratic party has collected just about half of the signatures necessary to make a run at recalling eight state Senators eligible to have their terms cut short (Wisconsin law says only a politician who's been in office for a year or more can be recalled.)

The progressive coalition of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy For America is banging the recall drum, too, after spending more than a half-million dollars on TV ads lambasting the Republican state Senate and Gov. Scott Walker (R). Now the groups are launching the first TV spots to call for recall directly.

The recall effort is the new focus for the coalition, which brings together national progressive groups representing more than a million members nationwide. The first recall spot is a new version of the add PCCC/DFA created from footage shot at one of the many anti-Walker rallies held in and around the state Capitol in Madison.

A new ad is coming, the groups say. That spot will "capture the grassroots magic of this recall effort," PCCC co-founder Adam Green told TPM.


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