CFNews 13: Winds of a recall swirling around Florida’s new governor

February 17, 2011- Just a month and a half on the job, and already the winds of a recall are swirling around Gov. Rick Scott.

The governor has made some enemies in the state capitol, and many are his fellow Republicans in the legislature.

As the rift continues to widen, Scott’s ability to get things done may start to weaken.

Scott arrived in Tallahassee as an outsider and a man with no political experience, who was determined to change government as we know it.

First, he rolled out a controversial budget, cutting everything from education to prisons.

“My job is to represent the taxpayers of this state, and I'm not comfortable that this is a project that we ought to be doing,” Scott said.

The governor's rejection of federal funding for high-speed rail opened up a new and very public divide with dozens of powerful Republican lawmakers.

They're making it clear they intend to overrule Scott and House Democratic leader Rep. Ron Saunders couldn't be happier.

“It seems that lately that we've been in agreement more with our Republican colleagues against the governor's positions, (be)cause when he came out with his budget, for example, even Republican legislators found it too draconian,” Saunders said.


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