The Progressive: Walker Wins Battle, But Will Lose War

March 11, 2011- Scott Walker and the Republicans in the Wisconsin capital may have won the first battle, but they won’t win this war on labor.

Their crude assault has outraged the vast majority of Wisconsinites, who will not take this lying down.

There will be a huge demonstration in Madison on Saturday, with numbers expected to exceed 100,000.

And then there will be many pressure points applied.

On the legal front, complaints have already been filed about the way the Senate rammed the bill through without obeying the open meetings law. If a judge allows the complaint to go forward and issues an injunction on the law, that would give everybody some much- needed breathing room.

On the political front, the recall efforts are taking off. Many Senate Republicans are vulnerable right now and may soon face a special election they’re likely to lose. And Scott Walker may find himself out of a job in a year or so.


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